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Classy Remix: revisited classics in the new LIMÉ capsule

Classy Remix: revisited classics in the new LIMÉ capsule

The new LIMÉ capsule helps to assemble elegant wardrobe essentials for spring. Trouser suits, satin shirts, fringed dresses and blouses, miniskirts, trench coats and accessories are combined into neat looks for different occasions.

A suit with wide-leg trousers and a loose-fitting vest is an updated classic for going to work, which will also look appropriate in the evening. Two dresses with fringes — a short satin one and a long knit one — make great options for a situation when a fancy dinner is scheduled after a work day.

Most of the new items from the capsule are made in black, white and beige. They are complemented by several models in cheerful light green: a straight-cut single-breasted blazer, suit trousers and a knitted crop top with an open back. They can be combined into a trendy monochrome total look or added to outfits in neutral tones as a bright accent.

A combination of textures comes to the fore in monochrome looks: shiny satin and matte suit fabric, knitwear and fringe. Accessories such as bags, belts and sunglasses also play a big role. Trench coats in basic colours made of water-repellent material will become universal outerwear.

Starting date: 02.03.2023
Ending date: 31.03.2023



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