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Blowin’ in the wind: feathers for every day

Blowin’ in the wind: feathers for every day

Casual feathers are a big spring 2023 trend. Feathers adorn longsleeves, cardigans, dresses and trousers and are being added to relaxed minimalist looks.

In the new season, LIMÉ stylists suggest combining a cardigan with feathers on the cuffs with a tank top, suit trousers or a minimalist miniskirt. The cardigan is available in black, taupe and bright green. As part of the latest trend, taupe trousers can be worn with a shirt with matching feathers on the cuffs.

Loose fiting cotton long sleeve with feathers paired with classic jeans is a comfortable solution for every day. Wear a long sleeve with such trending items like vintage-style washed leather trousers or silver-coated jeans for a brighter look in spring 2023.

Other new additions with feathers include a single-breasted shawl collar blazer, cropped suit trousers and a mini dress in black. Feathers on all items are detachable: things can be worn without them and washed at home.

Starting date: 23.03.2023
Ending date: 01.05.2023



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