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Chitai gorod

Chitai gorod

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Branch: Gifts, souvenirs, Home

«Chitai-gorod» is not just a bookshop but a whole fascinating world of fiction, publicistic, educational and popular scientific literature. Even the youngest readers will be impressed with the variety of goods offered in our children’s literature department.

Here you can find as well:

  • stationery
  • art and craft supplies
  • antistress coloring books
  • toys and games
  • puzzles and construction kits
  • gifts and greeting cards and much more

We believe there’s no such thing as enough when it comes to book passion.

At your service 24/7, our website offers online shopping. Your order will be delivered free of charge to any of our stores so you can choose the most convenient pick-up point.

Glad to see you in our stores!

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