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Promotion in «Nashe zoloto»!

Promotion in «Nashe zoloto»!

We start the New Year before!

New Year — one of the most anticipated events! We get tired of searching for gifts for friends and loved ones, but when this solemn moment — an exchange of gifts — comes, we always feel excited and happy! How cool again and again to experience these emotions, and as a child, to enjoy the holiday and gifts! And to prolong this fabulous time — we launch a new year ahead!

Get inspired magical atmosphere and to buy gifts with a soul! NEW YEAR SEASON IS OPEN!
Details and the period of the offer, specify in jewelry stores «our gold» and site
«Our gold» — AGREED discounts and gifts Santa Claus

Starting date: 10.11.2016
Ending date: 31.01.2017



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